The Melvin Hall Community Centre Trustees

The Melvin Hall Community Centre Trustees – Find out more about the people!

John Clyde – Treasurer

Born and raised in Glasgow and moved to Penge in.

I became a Trustee and then Treasurer of Melvin Hall Community Centre.  My objective was to ensure the building was kept for community use.  I have a strong connection for adults with mobility and learning issues and believed the centre could be a hub for the vulnerable, elderly, and lonely residents.

I am a retired electrician with a degree in music.  I have set up choir sessions and hoping to have an inhouse band in the future.

Carole Clyde

I was born and raised in Glasgow and moved to Penge in 1995.

I have recently retired as an ambulance escort and have a wealth of training and experience in working with Elderly people, those living with; Dementia, Mental health and adults and children with learning and physical disabilities. 

I had a strong connection with Melvin Hall as a day centre for the elderly and campaigned to keep the Day Care Centre open.   When Bromley’s funding was drastically cut and the then Trustees made the decision to close it, I became one of the first Trustees of Melvin Hall Community Centre and I am continuing to support vulnerable and lonely people.

Kathy Bance MBE

 Kathy Bance MBE

I have lived in Penge for 44 years and volunteer with a wide network of local organisations and I am inspired by the work they do.  Through collaboration we are building Penge into a welcoming and supportive community.

I am a councillor for this ward.  I am Vice Chair/Co-founder of Penge Partners, an umbrella group which encompasses Penge Festival, Penge in Bloom and the Penge Over Sixties’ Network. I am a member of Penge Parks’ Group, Penge Town Centre Team, Penge Forum, and the SNP.  I recently became a Trustee of Melvin Hall Community Group and my role is Community Officer and Volunteer Co-ordinator.

Trevor Bance

 Trevor Bance

I have lived in Penge and Anerley all my life and have been involved in voluntary work for the past 30 years.  I have been a member of Penge Festival for over 25 years.  I was the lead driver for Outreach to the Homeless for 28 years.  I am Treasurer of Penge Partners, Penge Festival and the Penge Over 60’s Network.  I have recently become a Trustee of Melvin Hall where I am responsible for Caretaking and General Maintenance.  I received the Mayor’s Award for Outstanding Voluntary Service in 2018.

Shirley Homewood

Shirley Homewood

I have been a Penge Resident for over fifty years and am involved in local charities and not for profit organisations including Penge East Residents Association, Penge & Anerley Older People’s Network, Alexandra Residents’ Association and Penge Forum.  For most of this time I performed the roles of secretary and treasurer for these organisations.

I have worked as a volunteer for the Citizens Advice Bureau Bromley, as a volunteer driver for Contact the Elderly Bromley 2 Group for past 30 years and more recently volunteered at Melvin Hall Day Centre.  Last year, Shirley received the Mayor of Bromley’s Award for services to the people of Bromley in 2016.