The Melvin Hall Community Centre Trustees

The Melvin Hall Community Centre Trustees – Find out more about the people!

John Clyde – Treasurer

Born and raised in Glasgow and moved to Penge in.

I became a Trustee and then Treasurer of Melvin Hall Community Centre.  My objective was to ensure the building was kept for community use.  I have a strong connection for adults with mobility and learning issues and believed the centre could be a hub for the vulnerable, elderly, and lonely residents.

I am a retired electrician with a degree in music.  I have set up choir sessions and hoping to have an inhouse band in the future.

Carole Clyde

I was born and raised in Glasgow and moved to Penge in 1995.

I have recently retired as an ambulance escort and have a wealth of training and experience in working with Elderly people, those living with; Dementia, Mental health and adults and children with learning and physical disabilities. 

I had a strong connection with Melvin Hall as a day centre for the elderly and campaigned to keep the Day Care Centre open.   When Bromley’s funding was drastically cut and the then Trustees made the decision to close it, I became one of the first Trustees of Melvin Hall Community Centre and I am continuing to support vulnerable and lonely people.

Kathy Bance MBE

 Kathy Bance MBE

I have lived in Penge for 44 years and volunteer with a wide network of local organisations and I am inspired by the work they do.  Through collaboration we are building Penge into a welcoming and supportive community.

I am a councillor for this ward.  I am Vice Chair/Co-founder of Penge Partners, an umbrella group which encompasses Penge Festival, Penge in Bloom and the Penge Over Sixties’ Network. I am a member of Penge Parks’ Group, Penge Town Centre Team, Penge Forum, and the SNP.  I recently became a Trustee of Melvin Hall Community Group and my role is Community Officer and Volunteer Co-ordinator.

Trevor Bance

 Trevor Bance

I have lived in Penge and Anerley all my life and have been involved in voluntary work for the past 30 years.  I have been a member of Penge Festival for over 25 years.  I was the lead driver for Outreach to the Homeless for 28 years.  I am Treasurer of Penge Partners, Penge Festival and the Penge Over 60’s Network.  I have recently become a Trustee of Melvin Hall where I am responsible for Caretaking and General Maintenance.

Shirley Homewood

Shirley Homewood

I have been a Penge Resident for over fifty years and am involved in local charities and not for profit organisations including Penge East Residents Association, Penge & Anerley Older People’s Network, Alexandra Residents’ Association and Penge Forum.  For most of this time I performed the roles of secretary and treasurer for these organisations.

I have worked as a volunteer for the Citizens Advice Bureau Bromley, as a volunteer driver for Contact the Elderly Bromley 2 Group for past 30 years and more recently volunteered at Melvin Hall Day Centre.  Last year, Shirley I received the Mayor of Bromley’s Award for services to the people of Bromley in 2016.

          Keith Rodwell MRICS

I am a Chartered Surveyor by profession.  A Beckenham resident for 30 years and self-employed. Previously also Manager of Sports and Social Club in Dulwich for 20 years to 2011. I volunteered at BHHI (British Home) for 20 years, and now volunteer for Care Plus, Winsford Gardens and Bromley Friends Forum.

My mother was a helper then client at Melvin Hall. Financial support was given to the Day Centre, Rachel Notley and other local charities (in my mother’s memory).